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Metal Bellows

Fluidyne manufactures Brass, Copper, Phosphor Bronze, Stainless Steel and Inconel Metal Bellows, ranging from 13mm Internal Diameter (ID) to 3000mm Outer Diameter (OD) in single and multi-layer construction.

Metal Bellows offers elegant solutions for most piping design problems involving thermal expansion, volume compensation, vibration isolation, etc. With its ability to be innovative and keep abreast with change always, Fluidyne extends troubleshooting and consultation on product attributes with task oriented services for more than 200 variegated customers from diverse industries.

Universal Expansion Joint
Hinged Angular Expansion Joint
Expansion Joint
Hinged Angular Expansion Joint
Phosphor Bronze Bellows
Brass Bellows
Phosphor Bronze Bellows
Brass Bellows
Dual Bellows
Small Bellows
Dual Bellows
Small Bellows

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FLUIDYNE has also successfully localized manufacture of welded diaphragm bellows. These Diaphragm Bellows are used in Atomic Power Stations, Robotics, Aerospace Industries and in Instrumentation.

FLUIDYNE takes pride in the fact that no other firm in India has been able to develop these special Bellows till date.

Special Products

During the past decades Fluidyne's commitment to customer's satisfaction has been its Mission, Challenge and Promise. Offering quality products with services of International standards has been the corporate philosophy. The in-house strength gives immense flexibility and potentiality for newer and better products to the modern industry like:

  • Deep drawn components
  • Hoses
  • Bent tube for automobile exhaust
  • Thinwalled fabrication
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