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Fluidyne Enginners Private Limited, Chennai, India Metal bellows, Nesting ripple type welded diaphragm bellows, Diaphragm bellows, Welded diaphragm bellows Deep drawn components, Non-circular bellows, Ultra-high vacuum application hin walled circular bellows, Thin walled rectangular bellows, Vessel fabrication, Pipe fabrication, Exhaust  

has developed an impressive list of Customers extending to more than 700 in numbers.

Bellows are widely used in :

(a) Piping construction (Chemical, Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Cement, Paper, etc.,)
(b) Engine exhaust (Defence, Navy, Railways, etc.,)
(c) Pressure vessels, duct (Boiler, Turbine, etc.,)
(d) Reactors (Atomic)
(e) Pumps, Compressors, Generators
(f) Valves
(g) High vacuum applications
(h) Instrumentation
(i) Electrical

No important engineering industry can here be excluded from using expansion joints.

Customer List
We have customers in various industries.

  • Boiler, turbine & pump manufacturers
  • Chemical, petrochemical & fertilizer industries & cement industries.
  • Steel industries & tyre industries.
  • Cement industries.
  • Paper industries.
  • Defence.
  • Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
  • Vacuum equipments.
  • Indian navy.
  • Shipping industries.
  • Captive power unit & engine manufacturer.
  • Indian railways.
  • Electrical equipment manufacturer.
  • Research and development
  • General engineering industries.
  • Valve and pipe manufacturers.

Used in Piping construction, Pressure vessels, Duct

Dual Bellows
Duct Turbine Inlet Bellows
Hinged Angular Expansion Joint
Universal Expansion Joint
Metal Hoses
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Reactors, Valves, HIgh vacuum applications

Bellows for vacuum applications
Bellows for safety relief valves
Bellows for vacuum applications
Bellows for safety relief valves

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Used in Engine exhaust, Pumps, Compressors, Generators

Bellows for exhaust applications
Bellows for exhaust applications
Automobile Exhaust System

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Electrical Equipment Manufacturers and Research Institutions

Bellows for electrical and instrumentation applications
Bellows for electrical and instrumentation applications
Bellows for Bypass limit control valves
Phosphor Bronze Bellows
Brass Bellows
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